How to Turn Off Professional Mode on Facebook

Do you find Facebook’s professional mode a bit overwhelming? Are you looking to switch back to the classic layout and features you’re more familiar with? You’re not alone! Many users have been wondering how to turn off professional mode on Facebook. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to revert to the regular Facebook interface and bring back the simplicity you love. Whether you’re a social media enthusiast or a casual user, read on to discover the easy process of disabling professional mode.
Facebook, the social media giant, constantly introduces new features and updates to enhance user experience. One of these recent changes is the introduction of a professional model, designed to cater to business and professional accounts. While this mode offers specialized tools, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re looking to return to the classic Facebook layout, keep reading to find out how.

What is Professional Mode on Facebook

Professional mode is a revamped interface tailored for businesses, creators, and individuals who manage pages or use Facebook for professional purposes. It offers tools such as advanced analytics, streamlined post-scheduling, and improved insights. While these features can be incredibly useful for those who rely on Facebook for their work, they might be unnecessary for the average user.

Reasons to Turn Off Professional Mode

There are several reasons why you might want to switch off professional mode on Facebook

1. SimplicityThe classic Facebook layout is familiar and comfortable for many users.
2. Ease of Use Professional mode may have a steeper learning curve, especially if you’re accustomed to the original layout.

4. PreferenceYou might simply prefer the aesthetics and functionality of the traditional Facebook interface.

Step-by-Step Guide to Disabling Professional Mode

Follow these steps to switch back to the regular Facebook layout:

Accessing Account Settings

2. Click on the downward-facing arrow in the top right corner to open a drop-down menu.
3. Select “Settings & Privacy” from the menu.

Navigating to Preferences

1. In the “Settings & Privacy” menu, click on “Settings.
2. On the left-hand side, you’ll see a list of options. Click on “Preferences.

Switching Off Professional Mode

2. You’ll find an option to toggle professional mode on and off. Click to switch it off.
3. A confirmation dialog may appear. Click “Switch Off” to confirm.

Enjoying the Classic Facebook Experience Again

Once you’ve turned off professional mode, you’ll be able to enjoy the classic Facebook interface you know and love. You’ll find the familiar layout, navigation, and features that have made Facebook a staple in the world of social media.


In conclusion, Facebook’s professional mode is a useful tool for businesses and professionals, but it might not be the best fit for every user. If you’re seeking a return to the simplicity and familiarity of the classic Facebook interface, you can easily turn off professional mode using the steps provided in this guide. Don’t hesitate to make the switch and enjoy your social media experience just the way you like it.

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