Fashion Pulis: The Filipino Entertainment Industry’s Controversy Watchdog

The  Fashion Pulis Filipino entertainment industry is a colorful and dynamic world that captures the hearts of many. It’s a stage where artists shine and share their talents, and where stories come to life. However, as with any industry, controversies, and issues are bound to arise. This is where Fashion Pulis comes in – as the industry’s controversy watchdog.

Who is Fashion Pulis?

  • Background of Michael Sy Lim, the creator of Fashion Pulis
  • How he started the blog in 2009

The Role of Fashion Pulis in the Industry

  • How the blog has become a go-to source for news and controversies in the industry
  • The impact of the blog on the industry and its players
  • How Fashion Pulis has contributed to transparency in the industry

Controversies and Issues Covered by Fashion Pulis

  • Celebrity feuds and disagreements
  • Alleged romantic relationships and affairs
  • Issues on mental health and drug use
  • Legal issues and controversies

Fashion Pulis and Its Critics

  • Criticisms on the accuracy of the blog’s reports
  • The effects of the blog’s posts on the lives of celebrities and industry players
  • Responses of Celebrities and their supporters to Fashion Pulis’ Reports

Fashion Pulis’ Legacy and Impact on the Industry

  • How Fashion Pulis has shaped the Industry’s Culture
  • Its contribution to the evolution of entertainment journalism in the Philippines
  • How the blog has influenced other sources of entertainment news and controversies

Future of Fashion Pulis and the Industry

  • The blog’s plans for expansion and growth
  • The industry’s response to the blog’s influence
  • What the future holds for Fashion Pulis and the entertainment industry


Fashion Pulis has become a prominent figure in the Filipino entertainment industry, providing transparency and exposing controversies that would otherwise remain hidden. Despite criticisms and controversies of its own, the blog has remained a go-to source for industry insiders and fans alike. Its legacy will continue to shape the industry and pave the way for a more transparent and honest entertainment culture in the Philippines.

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