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Cricket, often regarded as a game of uncertainties, has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. Fans eagerly await thrilling matches, and cricket pundits and astrologers provide their insights into the outcomes. In this article, we will delve into the big predictions for the upcoming Pakistan vs. England and Sri Lanka vs. New Zealand matches, as forecasted by the renowned astrologer, M. A. Shahzad.

The Upcoming Pakistan vs. England Match

The clash between Pakistan and England is always a highly anticipated event in the cricketing world. The two teams are known for their competitiveness and have a history of delivering nail-biting matches. In this section, we will explore what M. A. Shahzad’s astrology insights reveal about this upcoming encounter.

Astrologer M. A. Shahzad’s Predictions

Astrologer M. A. Shahzad, with his profound knowledge of astrology, has been making predictions about cricket matches for years. His predictions are eagerly awaited by fans and followers. According to Shahzad, the upcoming Pakistan vs. England match is poised to be a neck-and-neck battle. He believes that the stars favor Pakistan in this match, with a strong chance of victory. However, cricket’s unpredictability cannot be ignored, and the outcome may swing either way.

The Sri Lanka vs. New Zealand Match

Sri Lanka and New Zealand are set to lock horns in another exciting fixture. Both teams have their unique strengths and are known for their passion for the game. M. A. Shahzad’s predictions for this match promise an intriguing showdown, and fans can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

M. A. Shahzad’s Insights

According to M. A. Shahzad, the Sri Lanka vs. New Zealand match is likely to be a high-scoring contest. The stars seem to favor New Zealand in this encounter, but Shahzad emphasizes that Sri Lanka should not be underestimated. The game could go down to the wire, and the team that maintains its composure in crucial moments is likely to emerge victorious.

Astrological Factors at Play

Shahzad’s predictions are based on a combination of astrological factors, including the birth charts of the team captains, planetary positions, and other celestial events. While some may view astrology as a pseudoscience, it has a dedicated following in the cricketing world, and M. A. Shahzad’s track record speaks for itself.

Historical Trends

Historical data can often provide insights into the outcomes of cricket matches. Shahzad’s predictions take into account past performances, head-to-head records, and other statistical factors. While history can offer valuable information, it should be remembered that every match is unique, and the element of surprise is what makes cricket so captivating.


In conclusion, the predictions for the upcoming Pakistan vs. England and Sri Lanka vs. New Zealand matches, as foreseen by the renowned astrologer M. A. Shahzad, add an extra layer of excitement to these fixtures. While astrology provides a unique perspective, it is essential to remember that cricket is a dynamic sport, and the outcome is determined by the players’ skills, strategies, and form on the day of the match.

The matches promise thrilling moments, and cricket enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the showdowns. Stay tuned to witness the magic of cricket unfold.


Are astrologers’ predictions reliable for cricket matches?

Astrologers’ predictions are a matter of personal belief. While some find them intriguing, others may not rely on them for match outcomes.

What factors does M. A. Shahzad consider when making predictions?

M. A. Shahzad considers various astrological factors, including birth charts, planetary positions, and historical trends.

Can historical data accurately predict cricket match outcomes?

While historical data provides insights, cricket’s inherent unpredictability makes it challenging to predict outcomes with absolute certainty.

Who is favored in the Pakistan vs. England match?

According to M. A. Shahzad, the stars favor Pakistan in the upcoming match, but cricket outcomes are always uncertain.

What should fans do to enjoy the matches to the fullest?

Fans should support their favorite teams and players and savor the excitement and suspense that cricket offers. Enjoy the game!

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